Sept. 24, 2022

Dublin, Ohio - Wonderful Place to Live

There are plenty of great neighborhoods in America, from locales right outside the city to beautiful close-knit communities ideal for starting a family and raising children. Dublin, Ohio is one such place. With suburban conveniences and a relative closeness to the city of Columbus, there’s a lot to love about Dublin. In fact, it’s often regarded as one of the best cities in America year after year. 

Let’s look closer at what makes Dublin a great place to buy real estate and a great place to be all around!

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Dublin

1. Nationally ranked as one of the best

2. Excellent education

3. Great property value

4. Short commute to Columbus

5. Diverse food scene

6. Exceptionally low crime rate

7. Extremely active arts and culture scene

8. Impressive array of local attractions

9. Hot market for investing

10. Up and coming area

Dublin -  Where is it? 

Dublin, Ohio is approximately 20 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio, making it a quick trip to get into the action of Columbus anytime the mood strikes. Dublin, however, is approximately 25 square feet in size with Ohio’s Scioto River cutting right through it. This geography accounts for deep gorges rich in limestone. It’s naturally picturesque, but also explains the role of quarries in the city’s storied history.

Dublin homes for sale map

The 2020 Census estimated approximately 49,328 residents. These numbers have surged over the past couple of decades and it’s never been more lively in the city of Dublin. With a large Irish population, approximately 14%, the city is known for its annual three-day Irish festival which claims to be the largest of its kind in the world.

dublin homes for sale white brick home

Real estate is booming accordingly, with a median home value of $440,000 against a median household income of $117,000. Set in Franklin County, Dublin is a suburb of Columbus with lots of appeal, attractions, and earning potential for new homeowners in a great real estate market.

The History of Dublin

As with all of America, the Native Americans were the first inhabitants of Dublin, including the Hopewell, Adena, Delaware, Shawnee, and Wyandot tribes for whom schools, landmarks, and villages are named today. 

In 1794, General Anthony Wayne engaged these tribes in the Battle of Fallen Timbers and drove them off the land. Afterwards, the Wyandot tribe signed the Treaty of Greenville which surrendered the land to the fledgling United States government. The land was subsequently awarded to Revolutionary War leaders as payment for their services in the war.

In 1802, a man named John Sells purchased 400 acres of this land and would allow his business partner, an Irish man named John Shields, to name it. He chose Dublin in honor of his hometown, the capital of Ireland.

All the way up to 1970, the town remained small and relatively uninhabited with only some stores and less than 700 residents. The construction of Interstate 270 changed that, bringing in more and more people as the years passed.

dublin homes for sale golf club

Ashland Inc. and Wendy’s facilitated the population boom at this time as well by setting up major corporate headquarters in Dublin and bringing in thousands of jobs for the locals. The Muirfield Village Golf Club would be constructed and opened in 1974 as well, adding an upscale attraction bringing in affluent people to the region.

In 1987, Dublin had grown to 5,000 residents, earning official status as a city. It would continue to grow prodigiously over the years with numerous industries thriving in the suburb, proximity to Columbus, and constant recognition as one of the best small cities in America.

By 2020, the population had grown tenfold into the near 50,000 people that make up the city today. It continues to rank regularly as one of the greatest small cities in America.

Career Opportunities in Dublin

New residents of Dublin will find a plethora of places looking for employees, and those with existing skill sets and a track record in any industry will find somewhere local or not too far to continue on their career path.

Major corporations Ashland Inc. and Wendy’s have office headquarters in town. Individuals with corporate jobs like management, marketing, branding, sales, and other fields will find work with these large corporations or at any of many similar smaller corporate offices in the region.

With so many new businesses emerging regularly in Dublin, you won’t have to travel far to find a great opportunity. Beyond everything available in the city, there’s also Columbus only 20 miles away for seemingly endless opportunities in any industry. Some folks won’t mind the quick commute into this urban area for the greater opportunities and higher earning potential. However, there’s a lot of opportunity in Dublin so you might not need to even leave the zip code to enjoy exciting career growth and above average earning potential.

Crime in Dublin

Dublin is not only one of the most up and coming locales of Ohio, but it also boasts an extremely low crime rate which makes it one of the safest cities in Ohio and one of the safest in the whole United States of America as well.

Statistically, your chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Ohio is 1 in 327, your chances in Dublin are 1 in 2,242. Residents are aware of this and it shows in how they regard one another. Neighbors are neighborly and friendly to one another, and the community is kind and generous to one another.

Newcomers from other cities may find this striking at first, but living in Dublin for some time and you’ll soon see why everyone is so carefree. It’s overall a great place to live because of how safe it is in Dublin.

Schools in Dublin

When Dublin’s population grew tenfold over the past few decades, the level of services and quality of programs increased tenfold as well. As such, you’ll get one of the best educations possible in Dublin, Ohio. Your children have access to some of the best schools in the state.

Elementary schools such as Deer Run Elementary School, Glacier Ridge Elementary School, Wyandot Elementary School, and Eli Pinney Elementary School all boast Top 10% status, even Top 5% in some cases. Their PK-5 programs are among the best in the state, as well as the best in the country.

dublin homes for sale high school

The superior schooling is not exclusive to the primary schools, however. Willard Grizzell Middle School, Henry Karrer Middle School, Dublin Jerome High School, and Dublin Coffman High School are all highly ranked. Dublin Jerome is actually in the Top 5% and serves less than 2,000 students between grades 9 and 12. This guarantees your child will receive a well above average education and individualized attention made possible by the relatively small class sizes.

Parents looking to make sure their children receive a great education that will position them for acceptance into a competitive college and eventually into a lucrative career can rest assured knowing the schools in Dublin, Ohio are excellent.

Outdoor Attractions in Dublin

There’s loads to do in the community, which features parks, pools, and open spaces that showcase the region’s extensive and exquisite features. Dublin is home to a number of must-visit parks including:

Amberleigh Community Park

Avery Park

Ballantrae Community Park

Coffman Park

Darree Fields

Emerald Fields

Indian Run Falls Park

Indian Run Meadows Park

Kiwanis Riverway Park

M.I. Red Trabue Nature Reserve

Sam & Eulalia Frantz Park

Scioto Park

Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park

These areas are home to outdoor recreational activities including tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, and more.

dublin homes for sale ballantrae park

Some, like the Ballantrae Community Park, feature extra special attractions like the water play area that will shoot water up from the ground much to your children’s delight.

Some of these spaces are truly breathtaking, incorporating sculptures and other visual components that will give you great photo ops and impress visitors each visit. For example, Scioto Park has an iconic sculpture, called “Leatherlips” by locals, which features a face sculpted from the region’s indiginous stone bricks.

dublin homes for sale concrete corn

The many parks in Dublin are also home to fishing ponds, sledding hills, trails, and much, much more.

In addition, Dublin is home to the Muirfield Village Golf Club, founded by former pro golfer Jack Nicklaus himself, which offers golf to the community, tennis, and swimming for its members. Following the 2020 Memorial Tournament, it underwent a massive renovation and now is one of the newest and most impressive courses in the country.

dublin ohio homes for sale muirfield village golf club

MVGC is not open to public use, but members and their guests are the only ones allowed to use the course and the club’s facilities. For affluent residents of Dublin, it’s an upscale attraction that provides exclusiveness and amenities to those interested.

Arts and Culture in Dublin

There’s a lot to do in Dublin in terms of art and culture.

Avery Park, for instance, is home to the Out of Bounds public art exhibit which features seven 10-foot high soccer ball sculptures for viewing and photo ops. Sam & Eulalia Frantz Park is another one that revolves around public art, featuring 109 concrete ears of corn standing 8-feet high. Many of Dublin’s parks are home to at least one public art piece, but there are some completely dedicated for art and artistry.

Dublin is also home to a number of festivals each year, celebrating holidays, sports, history, culture, and more in the community. Events include:

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Memorial Tournament (Golf)

Memorial Day Ceremony

Independence Day Celebration

Dublin Irish Festival

Halloween Spooktacular

Veteran’s Day

Tree Lighting

Much, much more!

Perhaps no event is quite as widely attended or famous as the Dublin Irish Festival, which regularly hosts more than 100,000 attendees for live music, local cuisine, exceptional beer and wine, and a celebration of Irish culture over the course of three days.

The festival has been running for over thirty years and always takes place in the first weekend of August when the weather is simply perfect. The 2022 festival was one for the ages, boasting 65 acts, 525 performers, and countless local vendors in attendance. The Dublin Irish Festival is great for the locals and the local economy, but it also brings in loads of tourists each year as one of the premier attractions in Dublin.

Cuisine in Dublin

Of course, droves of people flocked to Dublin over the past few decades, but what kept them there? A lot of factors contributed, but the food is one of the best features of the region too! With an excellent array of options that will scratch just about any itch and satisfy any craving, there are loads of great food spots in Dublin.

dublin homes for sale the rail

The Rail is one of the best restaurants of the area that combines local ingredients, local flair, and local sensibilities with universally recognized and applauded execution. Award-winning chef Mike Mariola makes a burger so mean that it’s won awards every year several years in a row, including a televised win on the TV show Burger Wars. His flavors are top-tier, but the restaurant also showcases spirits from local distilleries, dairy from local dairy farms, and beer from local breweries. Overall, it’s one of the best food destinations in America and a must-visit when in Dublin.

dublin homes for sale cafe istanbul

Those in search of exotic flavors need look no further than Cafe Istanbul. This warm, cozy establishment serves Turkish cuisine and features some of the best seasoned lamb you can get anywhere. Stop in for the scrumptious falafel, kebabs, and more, and stay for the welcoming staff and friendly faces. It’s an excellent establishment, and one of many that illustrate the variety of cuisine types in Dublin.

If you want to know where the locals gather to enjoy a pint of Guinness, the Dublin Village Tavern is where you’ll find all the action year round. The bar and grill serves standard pub fare with an Irish spin on classic staples like the Irish Egg Rolls, which pack an eggroll wrapper with corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese with a thousand island dipping sauce, or the Irish Whiskey Glazed Salmon, which plates a Norwegian salmon glazed with Irish whiskey and orange flavors. Help yourself to a heaping pub portion and wash it all down with a pint of Guinness or any of many more exquisite craft beer selections.

dublin homes for sale tavern

Looking for something sweet instead? Our CupCakery is a local bakery that specializes in confections of all kinds for all occasions, with an emphasis, of course, on unique cupcake flavors and styles. The business serves most areas of Central Ohio including Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, and Columbus. They not only create sweet treats and custom cakes for all occasions, they host classes for hopeful cake bakers and decorators as well to learn new techniques from the professionals there. It’s an overall great establishment and sweet stop in Dublin.

Whether you’re looking for fine flavors of American, Irish, or any other cuisine, Dublin has it covered with some of the most exceptional cuisine options anywhere. You’ll come for any number of reasons, but you’ll stay for the food!

Dublin Real Estate

With an exponential increase in population, the Dublin real estate market shows no signs of cooling in the coming years. We can expect the median home listing price and home values to stay hot, making the market excellent for future home buyers in search of their dream homes and savvy investors alike. Whatever your purposes for perusing the plethora of Dublin homes for sale, you’re sure to find something of excellent value that will serve as a great asset and intelligent investment either way.

Property values range extensively with many attractive options landing between $300,000 and $500,000 for a sizable estate, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and modern fixtures while being located in close proximity to many attractions and, of course, public transportation that takes commuters into Columbus.

The median home price in 2022 falls in the $440,000 region which is roughly a 15% uptick from the last year. This trend shows no sign of slowing, so hopeful property owners are at a crossroads and will need to determine if they can jump into the market now or risk the values climbing even higher.

dublin homes for sale

For current homeowners, however, that figure is only poised to climb higher, making a recent or historic purchase of real estate in Dublin an intelligent and soon-to-be extremely lucrative choice. A kudos to these homeowners, whether they had the foresight to predict this trend or not. For the rest, it’s not too late, but the time to act is now!

Final Takeaways 

Dublin, Ohio is one of those special suburbs that combines the appeal and attractions of city-living with the picturesque beauty of the countryside and the neighborliness of suburban communities. You get a beautiful marriage of all the things that make any place in America great.

It’s no wonder that Dublin, Ohio constantly ranks as one of the best small cities in America. It’s one of the best places to live in Ohio, and even ranks as one of the best in the entirety of the United States.

Beyond the many, many reasons for moving to or purchasing real estate in Dublin, Ohio, the market is only going to get hotter following a recent upswing in property values and prices. Take a look at the inventory now and find your little slice of paradise in Dublin, Ohio today!


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Sept. 21, 2022

Powell, Ohio - Beautiful Town

Some of the best spots to buy real estate are smaller suburban communities that host a plethora of budding new businesses, modern conveniences, and relative proximity to an urban center or city for the commuters and new professionals. If you’re working out of Columbus, Ohio or live in the state, you can’t find much better than the unassuming Powell. Powell is roughly a half hour max from the city and offers a small, closely knit community full of picturesque beauty and affluence.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Powell

1. Small town charm

2. Great schools

3. Great property value

4. Short commute to Columbus

5. Diverse food scene

6. Virtually no crime

7. Incredible natural beauty

8. Access to local attractions

9. Hot market for investing

10. Up and coming area

Powell -  Where is it? 

Powell Ohio is approximately 14 miles away from Columbus, Ohio, nestled between the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers in Delaware County. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city is slightly under 5 miles of total square footage, making it an exceptionally exclusive community due to the relatively small size.

powell homes for sale map

The 2019 Census estimated approximately 13,375 inhabitants, 73.5% of whom are college graduates. While Delaware County enjoys frequent status of one of the highest income counties in the entire United States, the median household income of Powell is $157,149 with a median home value of $372,700.

Given the size of the city, it’s a small town vibe that is rapidly converting into an urban-suburban environment due to a recent real estate surge in Powell and its surrounding Delaware County markets.

The History of Powell

Like most of America, Powell started as a rich wilderness that served as a home to various Native tribes like the Huron, Wyandot, Miami, Delaware, Ottawa, Shawnee, Mingo, and Erie people. Beginning in the 17th century when colonists began pushing westward, French Canadian and European explorers began staking claims to various portions of modern day Delaware County, something that the Iroquois League was not too happy to accept.

As history would have it though, the settlers began moving into the land more prevalently and the demographics became more diverse by the 18th century. Following the American Revolution, the newfound powers that governed America created the Land Ordinance of 1785 which established the area as a Northwest Territory and provided portions of the new land to veterans of the war.

Originally, pioneers setting up in Powell called the area “Middlebury” since most hailed from Middlebury, Connecticut. For that reason, many modern day streets and housing developments are named with reference to these areas. It would not be until 1857 that an official post office was opened in the area, and the city was renamed Powell since Judge Thomas Powell was the judge that approved the request.

powell homes for sale historical society

The “village” would become an incorporated municipality in 1947, but did not claim status as an official city until the year 2000. This was due to a population surge that saw the number of people increase by 1,500% between 1980 and 2000. Between 2000 and 2010, the population would double.

This massive surge has only increased in recent years, and the Powell real estate market is one of the most exciting to watch in Ohio today.

Career Opportunities in Powell

In Powell Ohio, there are opportunities abound. Whether you’re looking to get into the action in the adjacent city of Columbus, add value to suburban operations in the City of Powell itself, or prefer a rustic lifestyle on the farm, you can do any of these things in Powell, Ohio.

If you’re right outside of the main neighborhoods at Powell, you’ll likely encounter great expanses of farmland that provide much of the local agriculture. Many of the crops grown in these areas also are shipped regionally as well. The main cash crops include corn and soybeans, but the environment and soil are ideal for a number of other fruits and vegetables as well as animals, livestock, and dairy too.

For those that prefer the lights and sounds in the city versus the quiet peacefulness of the countryside, Columbus is only a short distance from the City of Powell. Young professionals looking to start their families, established professionals looking to upsize their home, or real estate flippers looking for a great market outside the city will all find great value to be had in Powell.

powell homes for sale

Suburbanites get the best of both worlds with unparalleled, undisturbed country, trees, and natural beauty that pervades the area and is present in the neighborhoods, the parks, and everywhere. However, there are budding businesses everywhere.

Newcomers will find plenty of opportunities to work in any of many industries. Most recently Intel, the computer chip manufacturer, is set to open a new facility in the region which will bring 3,500 jobs to the local Ohioans.

With the city and the country both located a convenient short distance from Powell, it’s the perfect place to get situated and get comfortable.

Crime in Powell

Another great thing about living in Powell is the extremely low crime. The most recent statistics recorded some property-related crimes in the city, but what’s most striking is that there were no violent crimes recorded.

We’re not talking about a few or a handful or something negligible in its own right. There were literally no violent crimes in Powell, Ohio according to the most recent data.

Statistically, your chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Ohio is 1 in 327, your chances in Powell are 1 in 10,000. And based on the above, the crimes that you may fall victim to would be related to property damage, theft, or something else less heinous than any violent crime.

The neighborhood vibe reflects that. While the olden days of “everyone keeps their door unlocked” may be behind us in our modern day, and in Powell you may actually get away with leaving the doors open because the neighborhoods are safe.

Powell, Ohio is a safe city and the people couldn’t be friendlier!

Schools in Powell

A remarkable fact regarding the people of Powell, Ohio is that over 70% of the inhabitants are college graduates. This illustrates the emphasis the city places on education both in the working professionals that live there and their children as well.

olentangy high school powell

The schools in and around Powell, therefore are top-notch. Some neighborhoods are zoned for Olentangy Liberty Middle School and Olentangy Liberty High School, a renowned district in Central Ohio and some of the best academics available anywhere around.

There are a number of great elementary schools around as well so that younger children get a great foundation and socialization in PK-5 programs. The best elementary schools of the area include Tyler Run Elementary School, Wyandot Run Elementary School, Scioto Ridge Elementary School, Indian Springs Elementary School, and Albert Chapman Elementary School.

No matter what age your child is, there are great schools everywhere in Powell, and you will give your child a collection of great tools that prefer them for college and the world beyond academics by building a strong foundation while in Powell.

Outdoor Attractions in Powell

With so much natural beauty everywhere you go in Powell, there are parks aplenty to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Maintaining and overseeing the upkeep of these fantastic attractions is a very hands-on Parks and Recreation Department that also puts on festivals and events while also overseeing the youth culture programs and little league.

powell homes for sale parks

For families with kids, Village Green Park is a great option that hosts splashing fountains and playground equipment. Parents can simply sit back and enjoy the much needed break while the little ones splash around and climb to their heart’s content.

Adventure Park is a great location as well, featuring the very same staples of a good park for children including playgrounds and basketball courts. The open space lends itself to picnics, games of tag for the kids, or a classic game of catch. It’s not a bad place to bring your puppy as well and walk the grounds or trails on a beautiful afternoon. Adventure Park also serves as a setting for many events that the Parks Department puts together.

Seldom Seen Park is another great one. Don’t be fooled by the name, as this park is actually often seen by many residents of the city. It’s actually named after a nearby road, but etymology aside it is an attractive park with a baseball diamond and ample room for bringing your family and friends for an afternoon outdoors.

There is always something to do in Powell, and the great weather often brings many people outside to celebrate and engage with the community.

Arts and Culture in Powell

Although Powell is a small city, it certainly does not lack community, arts, or culture in any capacity. Powell is known to celebrate seasonal festivities and cultural events regularly from any of the many parks or downtown centers in the city. This brings out the friendly community as well as many local vendors that offer unique boutique items, local flavors, and other great finds that the big city simply cannot offer.

The Powell Festival is an annual event in the city that involves two days of family-friendly fun in the downtown region of Powell. In 2022, the festival included live music, children’s activities, local shopping, food trucks, and a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area for imbibing some of the region’s great craft brews and cocktails.

The city always comes alive during the festival with the sounds of music and people laughing and socializing. The air is rich with the smell of local cuisine, grilled favorites, and desserts both baked and fried much to everyone’s delight. There are games to play, inflatables to bounce on or slide down, and demonstrations from local business owners including the Tae Kwon Do gym where children can practice their self-defense skills in the park with trained instructors.

If the small town vibes are not enough to pique your curiosity, Columbus is only a stone’s throw away and boasts a wide and diverse cultural scene including theaters, museums, and more. A quick bus, train, or car ride gets you into Columbus within a half-hour.

For bigger concert tours, Broadway-like productions, and incredible museums and galleries, Columbus is a great spot. For local flavor and personality in spades, you can’t do much better than Powell. Living in Powell, Ohio, you’ll likely draw the envy of your friends and family when you invite them to local events all year long. 

It won’t be long before they even start asking you if there are any great Powell homes for sale so they can move there too!

Cuisine in Powell

The food in Powell is amazing, and you’ll be living in a foodie’s paradise in this relatively untapped gem of a city in Central Ohio. Residents have access to an abundance of cuisines and options that let you try a taste of everywhere and anywhere all from within the city’s small zip code.

powell homes for sale local roots

Local Roots is a popular choice among the locals, boasting indoor dining, a covered patio for outdoor dining, a beer garden, and carryout of their incredible menu. The fare is standard American with an elevated presentation and premium proteins like lamb and bison along with seasonal favorites for upscale veggies like butternut squash and more. If the standard entrees don’t catch your interest, they also offer pizza and calzones too!

powell homes for sale vittoria restaurant

For more upscale Italian eats, Vittoria is your classic white tablecloth trattoria where robust reds come in the form of wines and a special Sunday sauce that would satisfy even nonna! Italian classics like bruschetta, Italian wedding soup, and antipasto precede a deliciously decadent main course which might include marsala, picatta, or milanese. Plus, the pasta is spectacular!

If you’re in the mood for some snacks while having some of the tastiest local brews around, you can’t do much better than Ill Mannered Brewing Co. which is nestled right in the heart of Powell and provides many local bars and restaurants with their selections. Try a classic Pilsner or IPA, or get a little experimental by pouring a pint of the Lemonade Shandy which blends bright citrus notes with a great body and packs just enough punch to get you feeling right.

If wine is more your thing, the Powell Village Winery is just the place for you. Conveniently located on South Liberty Street, this village winery has everything you could dream of in terms of wines, and also offers tastings on evenings and weekends for those that like a little taste before making a purchase.

No matter what flavors you look for, you’re sure to find them in Powell.

Powell Real Estate

The Powell real estate market is hot right now. Following the COVID-19 pandemic which drove many city inhabitants out of the city in search for more affordable areas that provide more living space, places like Powell and other regions of suburban Central Ohio were bought rapidly, often above asking price at that!

powell homes for sale brick house

Powell is no exception to this trend, and many people from surrounding areas have taken notice of the affordable properties that offer incredible value. The current price per square foot in the region rests around approximately $179, with the median listing home price being in the area of $375,000.

The market is experiencing growth though, and it’s expected that the median listing price approaches or passes the $500,000 mark. For real estate investors, flippers, and other market opportunists, this makes it an incredible time to purchase property in the area now.

powell homes for sale wood home

For young professionals or families looking for a dream home, however, there’s just as much opportunity available now as you have the chance to get into a lovely home in one of the safest, most affluent neighborhoods in America at a relatively affordable price.

New homeowners in Powell will get the best schools, virtually no crime, and close proximity to major attractions and work industries while also acquiring an investment that will pay out handsomely after the mortgage is paid and it’s time to sell down the line.

No matter what you’re in the market for, you almost can’t find a better market than Powell, Ohio.

Final Takeaways 

On the one hand, there are a number of factors that go into any home-buying decision. We want to check all the boxes and make sure the area we select fits the criteria that matters most to us. We want great schools, employment opportunities, lively neighborhoods, and low to no crime while also there being a plethora of things to do and places to go. We also want something visually that catches the eye and looks great on a postcard.

There’s something intangible when it comes to buying a home though too. There’s something that no checklist can encapsulate and it must be seen to be believed. All the words, pictures, stories – all of it pales in comparison to experiencing the true thing. And when that happens, it’s truly special.

Powell, Ohio is one such place where words simply don’t do it justice. It’s an amazing place to live, checks all the boxes that make it a great place, and offers that je na sais quoi that set it apart from other neighborhoods.

Come and see for yourself!


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Sept. 17, 2022

Lewis Center, Ohio - Small Town Charm

Finding the ideal spot to balance starting a family with lucrative job prospects is not always easy. Fortunately, hidden gems like Lewis Center, Ohio combine high quality education with small town charm, all while remaining relatively close to the burgeoning business center that is Columbus. If you’ve been looking for a place to purchase a starter home or upgrade to something larger to make room for your growing family, Lewis Center is one of the best places to consider.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Lewis Center

1. Excellent property value

2. Exceptional school systems

3. Small town charm

4. Short commute to Columbus

5. Diverse food scene

6. Low crime rate

7. Incredible natural beauty

8. Access to local attractions

9. Rural and suburban living

10. Up and coming area

Lewis Center -  Where is it? 

As they say in real estate, it’s all about “location, location, location”, and Lewis Center’s location couldn’t get much better for professionals that work in the nearby city of Columbus. Lewis Center is the northwestern area of Orange Township, Delaware County. It’s a mere 16 miles from Columbus, making it the ideal spot for those that wish to keep the city job and its perks while living in a more quiet and peaceful environment in the adjacent rural suburbs of Lewis Center.

Lewis Center Homes For Sale Map

The community could not be prettier either. Neighborhoods consist of relatively new construction modern dwellings amidst great expanses of farmland and green pastures. That’s not to say there isn’t a burgeoning retail and shopping environment provided by nearby Route 23.

Lewis Center is the perfect union of development and undisturbed nature, all nestled next to the picturesque Olentangy River which stretches on for 97 miles coming from the north of Lewis Center and feeding into Scioto River in Columbus.

A Rich History

Lewis Center has approximately 30,000 people and is currently experiencing its second real estate boom since 2000 thanks to its relative proximity to Columbus and the new norm of remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The historic downtown (pictured below) is very small and in close proximity to railroad crossing.

Historic Downtown Lewis Center

The community was first founded in 1850 during the Manifest Destiny movement to expand westward. At that time, the United States was focusing loads of labor and resources on building the transcontinental railroad in an effort to develop beyond their current reach.

William L. Lewis was a landowner, but gave up his property to the United States government in exchange for the rights to name the community. As such, it was dubbed “Lewis Centre” until they replaced the British spelling of “Centre” to the American “Center” in 1893.

The area established itself as a “free” state prior to the Civil War, but the Ohio Fugitive Slave Act required citizens to return runaway slaves to their masters. In response, the Underground Railroad established key points in the neighborhood to harbor runaway slaves and guide them to true freedom in other regions.

Lewis Center Homes For Sale

By the 1990s, Lewis Center experienced a surge of new development, including many of the homes that you see there today, and businesses setting up locations in this area as well. Since the area is also ideal for farming, farmland has remained a steady constant throughout the years and even to this day.

Exciting Opportunities for Work of All Kinds

In Lewis Center, it doesn’t matter the color of your collar because there is opportunity abound.

Farming is absolutely ingrained into the area and surrounding culture, and it is feasible for blue-collar laborers or would-be farmers to look for employment at any of many established farms or simply start up their own with their own two hands.

Lewis Center, like most of Ohio, primarily farms soybeans and corn, but also may produce wheat, oats, hay, fruit, vegetables, livestock, poultry, and dairy. There is ample opportunity for farmers in Lewis Center, even if they prefer working a day job and enjoying homestead life on the weekends or after work hours.

Lewis Center Homes For Sale House

On the flip side, white-collar professionals are a relative stone’s throw from Columbus, Ohio where educated and qualified individuals may find a future in just about any industry. Adjacent areas host office locations for many major corporations including Google, Facebook, American Electric, and Bath and Bodyworks.

In addition, computer chip manufacturer Intel has announced plans to build a facility in the region which will bring 3,500 jobs to Ohioans. It’s an up and coming place where business and real estate are rightfully booming.

A Safe Place to Call Home

The most beautiful neighborhoods are nothing if not safe. Luckily, you can rest assured living in Lewis Center, as the statistical probability of falling victim to crime, violent or otherwise, is extremely low.

By the numbers, Lewis Center is safer than 78% of other neighborhoods in America and significantly safer than anywhere else in Ohio. Whereas your chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Ohio is 1 in 327, your chances in Lewis Center are 1 in 5,251.

The locals know these statistics and it shows, because the atmosphere could not be friendlier. Everyone is upbeat and cheerful in Lewis Center, encouraging visitors and newcomers to make themselves at home in one of the safest places in America.

Excellent Schools   

As working professionals and property owners, we’re delighted to find a beautiful neighborhood to call home that offers proximity to work and business opportunities at a reasonable value. For starting a family, however, almost nothing is as important as the quality of the schools.

Olentangy High School Lewis Center Ohio

Those considering Lewis Center are in luck, as it features some of the best schools in Ohio including Alum Creek Elementary School, Heritage Elementary School, Olentangy Shanahan Middle School, Olentangy High School, and more.

olentangy high school sign

The Freedom Trail Elementary School is especially accomplished and honored for a National Blue Ribbon Award. The school boasts Top 5% status in Overall Rank as compared to other schools in Ohio as well as Highest Proficiency in Math. In terms of Highest Proficiency in Reading and Language Arts, it is among the Top 1% in all of Ohio.

While these schools are very accomplished on the whole, the classroom sizes are relatively small, guaranteeing your children receive ample attention from their teachers.

Fun in the Sun

If you prefer to lead an active lifestyle, you’ll have abundant opportunities to explore the area's many parks and trails, among other outdoor attractions that keep the locals busy and entertained throughout all seasons.

highbanks metro park lewis center

Township Hall Park offers an extensive array of outdoor activities including basketball, picnic areas, picturesque gazebos, and a fishing pond beset amidst long hiking trails that provide the perfect backdrop for a morning jog or afternoon walk with your dog.

Ro Park is another great spot to appreciate the great outdoors, offering a playground for the little ones, a baseball diamond, a picnic area, a shelter with restrooms, and stretches of hiking trails to explore. The playground boasts the tallest slide permissible by the state of Ohio, offering an exciting opportunity for all young daredevils.

north orange aquatic center

In the summer season, you can’t do much better than the North Orange Aquatic Center which features two massive swimming pools and one of the craziest, zaniest water slides you’ve ever seen anywhere. The slide isn’t the only piece of play equipment in the children’s area of the pool, making this spot one of the best attractions for your little ones during their summer vacation.

alum creek lewis center

That’s not all for outdoor activities in Lewis Center. Other places of interest include:

Highbanks Metro Park

Glen Oak

North Orange

North Road

Orange Bridge

Walker Wood

With so much to do, Lewis Center always has something new and exciting to offer you and your family. It’s a small town with big appeal.

Arts and Culture

The neighborhoods of Lewis Center are typically quiet and serene, but there are occasional festivals and events that encourage locals to come out and celebrate special occasions, seasons, and other expressions of art and culture.

library lewis center

One such festival is the Fall Festival, hosted annually at the expansive Highbanks Metro Parks. To commemorate the arrival of the Autumn season, locals come out for food, games, and other activities in one of the best outdoor locations in all of Lewis Center.

For the best Arts and Culture experiences, however, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump on over to Columbus where the city acts as a cultural hub and arts mecca for those in need of a little extra je ne sais quoi. Columbus hosts a variety of annual events. The full calendar is available here.

There are many seasonal favorites, including the Columbus Oktoberfest which calls for breaking out the lederhosen and steins to celebrate German culture, cuisine favorites like schnitzel and pretzels, and all the delicious beer you can drink while signing German drinking songs and listening to the traditional music play.

Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is another favorite in Central Ohio, encompassing the spirit of the holiday season in a magical fashion. Each year the staff of the zoo strings millions of LED lights around and showcases coordinated light shows, musical numbers, and holiday cookies for a daily extravaganza during the holiday season.

Beyond festivals, Columbus offers various venues for celebrations of the arts and culture. Downtown Columbus, for instance, serves as a home for the Columbus Museum of Art. This museum was one of the first in all of Ohio to register its charter, and is home to a number of prized pieces including paintings from famed artists like Picasso and Cézanne as well as sculptures and other marvels of both classic and modern art.

For performing arts, the Palace Theatre in Columbus is simply stunning. Constructed in 1926, the idea behind the design was to incorporate the opulence of Versailles, thus the inclusion of “palace” in the name. With sparkling chandeliers, a grand staircase, and a fountain, the architect definitely nailed it by offering an elegant venue where theater productions, concerts, comedy acts, and other shows are hosted regularly.

lewis center library

Lewis Center is by no means bereft of arts and culture, and there are many local festivals and events to celebrate the diversity of the population as well as seasonal events too. However, those in search of a wider offering are only a short distance from one of the best cities in America for arts and culture.


Take a cruise along the shopping mecca of Route 23 and you’ll find many national chains and expected staples including fast food, retail superstores, and plenty of coffee to keep you fueled for the quick commute to work.

Lewis Center also features many unique dining options that will have you feeling like you’re enjoying a little slice of foodie paradise.

Señor Antonio’s Restaurant Lewis Center

Señor Antonio’s is one such establishment that proves you can get exceptional Mexican food this far north of the Mexican border. Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, owner Antonio Moreno boasts over 20 years experience cooking and bringing vivacious, vibrant Mexican cuisine to the Lewis Center and Columbus area of Ohio. Try some of their sizzling fajitas or excellent enchiladas before washing it down with some of the tastiest sangria you could find anywhere.

asian buffet lewis center

Looking to pick up a quick pizza pie instead and feed your family one of America’s favorite Italian comfort foods? Four Points Pizza and Grill features all the classics from a traditional pie to calzones and sub sandwiches. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Try ordering the Supreme if you’re really hungry!

When it comes to quick or fast casual options, you have your national chains like Chipotle. Local establishments play on this idea as well too. For instance, Rollz Rice Indian Kitchen demonstrates business ingenuity by making a pun on the classic car while adopting the format of Chipotle’s Mexican eateries with an Indian twist on the cuisine. Patrons are served their choice of rice, salad, or a wrap topped with Indian favorites like chickpea, paneer, chicken tikka masala, curry, and more. It’s a familiar format with a fresh flavor profile, and we can’t get enough of it!


There are various restaurants offering flavors and cuisine from all corners of the world in Lewis Center, but the best fine dining establishments are located closer to the Columbus area of Ohio. One such establishment is Eddie Merlot’s, a sophisticated steakhouse serving the finest cuts of beef, mouthwatering side dishes, and decadent desserts among elegant decor and classy fine dining fixtures. You’re sure to impress whether you’re splurging for a special occasion or seeking to show off for a prospective client during the acquisition process. It’s a top-tiered establishment and extremely accessible from Lewis Center proper.

No matter your favorite cuisine, you’re sure to find a great option in close proximity to Lewis Center, Ohio. There’s literally something for everyone here.

Lewis Center Real Estate

Lewis Center real estate is experiencing a boom as of 2022. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many inhabitants of Columbus left the hustle and bustle of the city behind in search of more space to call their own, competitive rates and property values, and modern conveniences that are still readily available despite being out of the city.

Many were impressed by the quality of the Lewis Center homes for sale and inspired incredible growth in the area. As of 2022, the median price for a relatively new construction, turnkey home is approximately $499,950. This is following an upward trend of 22% increases year over year.

lewis center homes for sale white stucco house

Of course, the market is always subject to these kinds of fluctuations, but securing your investment now in such an incredible neighborhood offers massive opportunity both for new families looking to establish roots as well as flippers that are ready to watch the property values increase even more as new business opportunities arrive to the area in the coming years.

Whether you’re in the market for your own permanent home or you are an enterprising real estate investor looking for a sweet deal, Lewis Center is an excellent option that checks all the boxes in all areas.

Final Takeaways 

If you’re looking to finally find your dream home and you want something that is both family-friendly, budget-friendly, and well-situated in an environment brimming with burgeoning businesses, you must look no further than Lewis Center, Ohio.

In Lewis Center, you have stretches of farmland and natural beauty to help soothe you after a long day weathering the hustle and bustle of adjacent Columbus during the work week. Better yet, our modern remote work style of doing business allows for you to purchase the home of your dreams in Lewis Center and save on ever commuting into the city in the first place.

The area boasts low crime rates and top-notch schools that will guarantee your family is safe and well cared for in one of the best up and coming neighborhoods in America.

Buying real estate is a critical decision that requires weighing all pros and cons prior to your purchase. With the median home value going up due to increased buyer demand, time is of the essence.

There’s no time like the present. Contact us now and start searching for your dream home in Lewis Center today!


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New Albany, Ohio - Unique, Charming and Safe


Are you looking to live somewhere picturesque, safe and exciting? Look no further - known as Ohio’s Safest City; New Albany is the ideal place to settle in. Located just twenty minutes from Columbus this sprawling suburban haven has something for everyone. Considered one of the best suburbs in the entire country, New Albany is the crown jewel of Ohio real estate. Whether you are looking for a place to raise a family, or a location with a robust cultural scene, New Albany is where you want to be. 


Top 10 Reasons to Move to New Albany :


        1. Low Crime Rates 

        2. Stellar school system

        3. Local Charm

        4. Up and Coming Area

        5. Amazing Cultural Scene

        6. A Great Investment

        7. Short Commute to Columbus

        8. Natural Beauty 

        9. Friendly Area 

       10. Has All Modern Conveniences 


New Albany - Where is it?


 New Albany Homes for Sale Map


The first, and most important, thing one should do when looking into places to move is learn more about the location. New Albany is located in Northeast Franklin County; approximately 20 minutes - 17 miles outside of Columbus, Ohio. This prime location makes it one of many other suburbs surrounding this great city.





Although it is right outside of a major city this suburb has a small town charm that is all its own. Nestled in between Big Walnut and Blacklick Creek there are miles of amazing nature trails that can lead you to forgetting that you are so near the metropolis. The area is beautiful and the neighbors are friendly. 


A Unique History


Though there are now approximately 11,000 people in residence in New Albany; this was not always the case. This city was founded by a man named Noble Landon in 1837, with just a few people settling there.  It officially became incorporated in 1856 when there were 50 people settled there. New Albany remained small all the way into the 1980’s; the census lists just 500 people in residence. New Albany’s population really began growing in 1990 when a famous clothing designer named Lex Warner and his wife Abigail relocated there. 


There are numerous other notables who have called New Albany home. Academics like Julia DeVillers and David Goodman; as well as athletes like Darren Lee and Jean Luc Grand-Pierre to name just a few have found their place in the world right here in New Albany. 


An Up and Coming Area - INTEL, Google, Facebook and More


One of the most amazing things about New Albany is that although it has been around since 1837 the area is still a hub of growth. Companies regularly move into this area bringing jobs and further prosperity to this already idyllic suburb.


McCoy Community Center 


Nestled in the heart of New Albany is a 5,000 Acre International business park. This business park is a major office location for numerous giants of industry like Google, American Electric, Facebook and Bath and Bodyworks. New Albany has even set aside space within the park for a tech incubator that is driving jobs to the area.


INTEL has just had a major groundbreaking with plans to be fully open within the next two years, bringing an astonishing 3,500 jobs to the community. 


There is no doubt that this already prosperous region is on the cusp of further affluence. 


Safest City in Ohio 


New Albany has long been considered one of the safest suburbs in all of Ohio - and looking at the statistics it is one of the safest areas to live nationally as well. According to Crime Rate Statistics New Albany is ranked as an A+ location for safety; there is 91% less violent crime there than the national average.


New Albany Village Hall 


Overall New Albany has 71% less crime than the national average - with violent crime being infrequent. Feeling safe where you live is one of the most important things to consider when you are moving; in New Albany you can relax and rest assured knowing that you have that covered. 


Top Notch Schools  


Once upon a time - in the very beginning of their township New Albany had a single room school which housed all of the children's educational needs. The founders knew how important a top notch education was and they ensured that all children would be able to learn in a safe environment. 


New Albany High School


Although the area has grown considerably, the residents of New Albany have continued to place a high level of importance on education and that is one of the reasons that their schools are ranked as some of the very best. Harkening back to the days of the single room schools, all of the public schools in New Albany are located on one big beautiful campus. 


new albany homes for sale amphitheater


According to the district website the school campus is made up of 200 acres that house all of the local schools as well as an 80 acre preserve that is dedicated to natural learning. The district motto of “NAPLS is Committed to Fostering an Environment of Kindness, Dignity & Respect.” is clear and inclusive.


All of the schools are ranked as 8 or above on their Great schools rankings as well and parent reviews are exceedingly positive. The school district is clearly providing their students with every opportunity for success. 


Active Lifestyle


Another key aspect of New Albany is that the area is dedicated to an active lifestyle. The area boasts approximately 55 miles of leisure trails - many of which are paved to help residents stay active. There are also acres of parklands, hiking trails and even walking clubs to help locals reach their fitness goals. 


new albany parks


If getting outdoors is your thing then New Albany is a prime location. It has numerous gorgeous local parks. Here is a list of some must see locations: 


 • Ratchford Fens Park - fun leisure trails and an absolutely stunning bridge. This park also has beautiful local views.

 • Rocky Fork Metro Park - a 1,200+ acre park that is home to a dog park, hiking trails and even horse trails. This park can make you feel like you are out in true wilderness- a taste of the wild in the middle of a city. This park has won the Governor's Award for being the best park in the state. 

 • Swickard Woods Arboretum and Nature Preserve - home to 30 different types of trees and a large pond.  The fall foliage in this area is spectacular. This is located near the schools. 

 • Thompson Park - 59 Acres that include walking trails, tennis courts, picnic tables, playgrounds and seven athletic fields. This park is a hub of activity. 

 • Rose Run Park - This park is an absolute must see. Located near Market Square this is a little slice of joy. Home to the beautiful Raines Crossing bridge this is a beautiful place to visit and take pictures. A picturesque creek flows through this park alongside paved walking trails that make it possible for everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature. 


These are just a few of the many parks in the area - perfect locations to get outside and enjoy each day to the fullest. 


In addition to all of these parks New Albany also boasts an Aquatic Park that is the epitome of summer fun. The Plains Township Aquatic Center has pools, swim lessons, waterslides and an incredible play area for all children who can walk through school age. 


Arts and Culture


New Albany is fairly unique in that the city has been master planned around a Village Center. This charming area is made up of a few different districts - the most notable being Market Square.


new albany homes for sale market square


The village center creates a true sense of community and has become a focal center for all of New Albany. This area creates a sense of small town charm right outside of a major city. Market Square is beautifully planned and picturesque. The idyllic buildings nestled amongst the trees are truly stunning to behold - bringing to mind small towns that have been featured in movies. Most of the arts and culture for the area can be found in this alluring location.


columbus metro library 


Market Square is not only home to eateries and retails stores - it is so much more. In Market Square one can find a state of the art Columbus Metro Library, the McCoy Center for Performing Arts and the Heit Center for Healthy New Albany. All of these host regular community events that are sure to be exciting. There is also a regular Farmers Market right in the square that is a huge hit with all of the locals. 


new albany historical ealy house


The Ealy House is a major historical site within the city of New Albany that is worth visiting. This mid- nineteenth century building is now a museum that is home to numerous artifacts that date back to the founding of the township. Private tours are offered to those who wish to learn more about the home and its historical significance.


The renowned Hayley Gallery, which opened in 2007, is a must see cultural gem located within New Albany. This gallery boasts world class artistry and a compilation of products from over 80 local artists. There is something there for everyone to appreciate; from sculptures, to wood carvings, jewelry, glass, painting and so much more. They also host regular art nights where a specific artist is highlighted and oftentimes even present to discuss their work. There is always something to do or see there- making this another clear benefit of living in the area.  


New Albany also hosts a myriad of annual events that foster a great sense of community: 


 • Founders Day - an annual celebration that boasts a carnival atmosphere with a parade, rides, performers and delicious treats. 

 • Taste of New Albany

 • The New Albany Walking Classic - one of the country's biggest walk only events. This walk is designed to be a 10K that builds camaraderie and community. 

 • The New Albany Classic - an enormous sanctioned equestrian event that is held by Lex Wexner.  




New Albany has excellent local eateries with something for everyone. They have large chains like Starbucks or Tim Hortons as well as unique restaurants that can only be found there. 


Pizza lover? Then you must check out Eagles Pizza which is well known for their delicious design your own pies. They also have an extensive selection of subs, pastas and salads. This restaurant is perfect for a quick bite to grab or a longer sit down evening.


new albany mellow mushroom restaurant


Another amazing place to grab a slice is the Mellow Mushroom New Albany. Their menu is an Italian food lover's dream. The Mellow Mushroom also has a long list of specialty drinks and mocktails that makes for a fun date night spot.   


New Albany contains a large number of well known Pubs and Brewhouses. Local favorite The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern is a must munch location. They serve delicious American food and have a very lengthy beer list; while also being known for their friendly and cheerful atmosphere.


hudson 29 restaurant new albany


Hudson 29 is another top tier American style restaurant that is beloved by the township- just be sure to make a reservation because this place is hopping. Hudson 29 also has brunch offerings that should not be missed- a mimosa and french toast anyone?


There is also a huge assortment of cuisine types offered within New Albany. They have everything from Chinese restaurants (Asian TasteGreat Wall) to Mexican delights (Blue Agave) and so much more. 


Of course what meal would be complete without dessert? You can indulge in delectable delights from places like Whit’s Frozen Custards or Fox in the Snow Cafe while enjoying a walk around Market Square. With offerings from ice cream to cookies, cakes and everything in between there is no need to look anywhere else to solve a sweet craving. Take in the ambiance of the Village Center and feel the sense of community that New Albany is so well known for.


New Albany Real Estate


If you are considering a move to New Albany, Ohio the real estate trends are very important to consider. The most recent median home value is situated at $497,800 - with homes selling currently at an average amount of $514,000 depending on the size and style of the home. There are also townhomes and condominiums available that are priced far lower - meaning that a move to New Albany is within reach.


new albany homes for sale 


Homes in the area have steadily increased in value - approximately 12% over last year - and property taxes are reasonable. Many of the homes for sale are full of charm, turn key and family friendly. 


Final Takeaways


Buying a home is a major investment; choosing the right area is pivotal. If you are considering buying real estate in New Albany, look no further. 


New Albany is an ideal home buying location. This unique area has all of the benefits of living in a small town-charm, safety and top notch schools - while still having all the amenities of a big city. This township is truly a local gem. 


There is so much to do in New Albany. As a hub of arts and culture; there is always something fun going on. The local cuisine is varied and delicious- pleasing even the most discerning palate. The area is a mecca for families and those who love active lifestyles and the great outdoors. 

 New Albany homes for sale are currently affordable, but trending upward; making now a great time to buy. New Albany is currently on the cusp of major growth - companies are flocking to the area bringing an abundance of jobs. It is also just a short 20 minute commute to the thriving city of Columbus. 


Ultimately, there are absolutely no negatives to moving to New Albany - so what are you waiting for

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Westerville, Ohio: The Hidden Gem

westerville ohio map

Westerville, OH, might not be top of mind when you think of Ohio or Columbus suburbs. This town nestled in both Franklin and Delaware counties is a hidden gem with endless activities, sights, and fun that can draw in travelers for a weekend or become home for decades. A historical centerpiece known as the "The Dry Capital of the World" for its strict prohibition laws, Westerville, OH, has since become a close-knit midwest town once named to the "Top 5 friendliest Cities in America." 

In this blog, we're going to discuss all things Westerville, Ohio. From its history to the things you must do and see, this tiny town in the heart of Ohio is a hidden gem many love calling home. 

The History of Westerville, OH

Around 1810, people of European descent arrived and settled in what is now the Westerville area. In 1818, dutch settlers Matthew Westervelt and brothers Peter and William Westervelt moved from New York state to the area. Matthew Westervelt donated land to build a Methodist church, and the area was renamed in his family's honor. 

In 1839, the Blendon Young Men's Seminary was chartered in Westerville, OH, and one of its first trustees was Matthew Westervelt. The Church of the United Brethren in Christ bought the seminary in 1846. They reformed the seminary, renamed Otterbein College, after the church's founder Philip William Otterbein a year later. It still stands today in Westerville as the private Otterbein University.

The "Dry Capital of the World"

The temperance movement was strong in the 1850s, and many towns across America were establishing themselves as "dry towns." Westerville was no different. The town's motto remains "The Dry Capital of the World." 

Hanby House

While alcohol is now sold in Westerville, the city has held onto its roots by maintaining several historical buildings from the 1800s. The Hanby House, for example, is a historic home that was once used as an Underground Railroad stop. 

Notable Westerville, OH Residents

Westerville has also been home to many famous residents, including actors, inventors, and composers.  

Many famous sports figures have come from Westerville, including gold medalist Gabby Douglas, Former world champion Buster Douglas, NFL #1 Draft Pick KI-Jata Carter, and numerous Ohio State Buckeyes like Andy Katzenmoyer, Nick Vannett, and Kaleb Wesson.

Westerville Today

In recent years, Westerville has been named one of the "Top Five Friendliest Cities in America" by Forbes Magazine and CNN Money. The city was also ranked the "#15 Best Place to Live in America" by Money Magazine in 2009. Westerville was once named America's best suburb by Movoto in 2013. With its regular notoriety, Westerville is a prime OH real estate destination today.

westerville ohio 

Uptown Westerville is About 20 minutes and 15 miles from downtown Columbus. The town's population is just under 40,000 and filled with people of all ages and races, making it a diverse and ideal place to raise a family or settle when retired. 

Education in Westerville

Westerville is served by the Westerville City School District, which has 16 elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools, Westerville South, North, and Central. The district also offers several private and charter school options. 

westerville north high school

Higher education is also abundant in Westerville. Otterbein College (Now renamed Otterbein University,) a private liberal arts institution, was founded by the United Brethren Church in 1847 and is now home to over 3,000 students. The United Brethren Church later merged with the Methodist Church, forming the United Methodist Church, and Otterbein is still affiliated today. 

otterbein university

Today Westerville offers other higher education institutions, including Hondros College, The Ohio State School of Cosmetology, The Columbus State Westerville Center Branch, and Fortis College. 

Notable Things to do and See in Westerville

The things you can do in Westerville, OH, are endless. From shopping to site seeing, dining, and entertainment, your time in Westerville will be filled with memories and excitement. 

Let's look at some of the notable things to do and see in Westerville, OH. 

Westerville Parks and Recreation

hoover reservoir

Westerville is situated on 6,000 acres of parkland, including city parks, metro parks, the Hoover Reservoir, and over 44 miles of walking trails. Some of Westerville's notable parks include:

Alum Creek Park North - This sprawling park is home to a playground, shelter house, fishing pier, breathtaking sites, and paths to explore

Heritage Park - A historical park that includes the Hanby House, the site of the former Central College for Women, and the Wigwam Picnic Area

inniswood metro park

Inniswood Metro Gardens - One of Central Ohio's premier botanical gardens, Inniswood features over 26 theme gardens on 123 acres

Hoover Reservoir Park - This park offers over 12 miles of walking trails, fishing, boating, and picnicking shelters for those looking for adventure

Millstone Creek Park - Great for families and is home to a playground with swings, jungle gyms, and other play structures, a shelter and eating pavilion, and also the Westerville Community Center

Blendon Woods Metro Park - Blendon Woods is one of the 20 metro parks in the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Park system. With over 600 acres, this park is perfect for a day of hiking, fishing, picnicking, and spotting wildlife, including turkeys, ducks, and more

Westerville Dining 

Westerville's Uptown District is home to many unique restaurants with mouthwatering menus. Check out some local favorites and get a sense of the culinary flair Westerville, OH, has to offer!

Agapé - A local favorite, Agapé is a restaurant specializing in Mediterranean dining, focusing on organic and fresh ingredients. Popular items include rice bowls, pita sandwiches, salads, and hummus

Pasquale's Pizza & Pasta House - A cozy Italian eatery serving up classic dishes from chicken parmesan to calzones and pizza, as well as fresh salads and sandwiches

Arch City Tavern - A gastropub focusing on seasonal, local ingredients. The menu features items such as grass-fed burgers, wood-fired pizzas, and fresh salads

Uptown Deli and Brew - A relaxed deli in the heart of uptown Westerville, OH, serving up sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads, as well as a variety of beer on tap

Barrel & Boar - A warm and casual smoked BBQ establishment serving succulent meats, hearty sides, and a full bar of beer and cocktails 

Shops in Westerville

Westerville is also home to several unique shops where you can find the perfect souvenir or gift for friends and family. 

Cinda Lou Shop - A must-see when in Westerville, OH. This eclectic shop is filled with an ever-changing mix of vintage finds, new arrivals, and handmade treasures. You never know what you'll find at Cinda Lou, but you can be sure it will be special

A Twist on Olives - A unique shop specializing in, you guessed it, olives! They offer a wide variety of olive oils, vinegar, and spices

Pure Roots Boutique - A hip and artistic store with a focus on handmade goods that are both new, old, and rustic

Anthony Thomas Chocolates - A classic chocolate shop with a wide variety of chocolates, caramels, and truffles to satisfy any sweet tooth

Birdie Books and Cafe - A book lover's dream come true. This bookstore also has a cafe serving up coffee, tea, and light snacks. The perfect place to curl up with a good book

Captivating Canines - "A Different Kind of Pet Store" offers your faithful fur companion premium foods, treats, and toys. Proceeds also help to support local shelters

Stone & Sparrow - A woman-owned and staffed local boutique focusing on stylish yet classic pieces for women and men. In addition to apparel, they have accessories and gift items

Many businesses also call Westerville home, including Cheryl's Cookies, the T. Marzetti Company, and Mac Tools. 

Art, Culture, and Entertainment in Westerville, Ohio

Creativity is alive in Westerville! With local art exhibits, galleries, and museums, visitors get a feel for how culture is embedded in the community and the town's population. 

Westerville Art Galleries and Museums

Have some time to kill and want to be inspired? Check out some of these local art galleries: 

David Myers Art Studio and Gallery

SunBear Studio & Gallery

The Miller & Fisher Galleries 

Frank Museum of Art

Inspired Art Gallery

Entertainment in Westerville, OH

Want to take in some local music? Check out a concert at the Alum Creek Amphitheater, Westerville Parks & Rec Civic Theatre, or Otterbein Summer Theatre. 

alum creek park amphitheater

How about taking in some performance art? The Otterbein University Dept. of Theatre & Dance regularly delivered inspiring performances. Music your thing? The Westerville Community Bands has been committed to bringing Westerville, Ohio, and the surrounding community, the pleasure of quality music, made together and has a concert schedule you can find here. 

Sports in Westerville

Want to check out a sporting event or get involved in some recreational sports? Westerville was named "Sportstown, Ohio" by Sports Illustrated. With over 1,300 recreational opportunities from the city's recreation department, there is an activity for everyone! 

Would you rather sit back and watch? Westerville is a quick drive to many professional sports teams and a high-level Division 1 University! Columbus is home to several professional sports teams, including the Blue Jackets (NHL), the Crew (MLS), and the Clippers (MiLB). The city is also home to The Ohio State University Buckeyes, with several Division I sports teams that compete at the highest level. 

Splash down at the Highlands Park Aquatic Center

The Highlands Park Aquatic Center is a great place to cool off during the hot summer days. This public aquatic center offers a variety of activities for people of all ages, including swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the water park. 

Highlands Park Aquatic Center

The aquatic center has a large pool perfect for swimming laps or playing games with friends. They also have a smaller pool for children with a slide, a lazy river, and other fun features. The water park is open during the summer months and is a great place to cool off on a hot day. 

The 4th Friday Tradition

Westerville is also home to the "Fourth Friday" tradition. This monthly event takes place on, you guessed it, the fourth Friday of every month in Uptown Westerville. Local businesses stay open late and offer specials and promotions. There is also live music and other entertainment throughout the evening. 

Westerville's Music and Arts Festival

The annual Westerville Music and Arts Festival brings in over 18,000 visitors to the city each year. The festival features countless artists, live music on multiple stages, food from local vendors, and much more. The festival takes place in July and is a great way to enjoy the warm weather and experience all that Westerville offers. 

Westerville, Ohio Real Estate

Westerville, Ohio, is a great place to call home. Many have taken notice, with several wonderful homes for sale in Westerville, it's no wonder families, professionals, and even out of staters are jumping at the chance to buy real estate in the area. With plenty of amenities, things to do, and a central location, Westerville has something for everyone. 

Westerville Ohio Homes For Sale, a national website that ranks the best places to live in America, details why Westerville is so appealing to buying a home. On Areavibes, Westerville has a remarkable overall "livability" score of 95. This ranks Westerville as the #12 ranked city in the USA, 99% higher than any other area. This ranking takes into account many factors, including amenities, cost of living, housing, schools, employment opportunities, and more. 

Here are some reasons to consider real estate and homes for sale in Westerville, OH. 


Westerville is a village that values education, and that's a must no matter where you live. Three high schools, and several lower schools, rank highly in the state of Ohio. Nationally, Westerville City Schools' test average is 51% higher, and the city's high school diploma rate is 16% higher. 

As we discussed earlier, Otterbein University, a highly regarded liberal arts institution, is also right in Westerville, offering post-secondary options. 

Higher Home Ownership

Westerville has the highest homeownership rates in the state of Ohio, with over 75%. Why is this important? Studies have shown that areas with higher homeownership have lower crime rates and a stronger sense of community. 


Westerville is also an affordable place to buy a home. The cost of living in Westerville is very reasonable, especially when you compare it to other locations in Ohio or across the country. 


Westerville has everything you need and more. With over 30 parks, great shopping and dining, and plenty of entertainment options, Westerville is a beautiful place to call home. 

There are plenty of reasons to consider Westerville as your next home. With its central location, a strong sense of community, excellent schools, and exceptional amenities. 

Employment Opportunities

Westerville is also a great place to find employment; many companies are proud to call the "Dry Capital" home. The city's unemployment rate is 48% below the national average, and there are plenty of job opportunities in the area. 

Household income and income per capita are also well above the national average. 

Low Crime Rates

Westerville is a close-knit, safe community filled will friendly neighbors who make safety a priority. This becomes obvious when you look at the crime rate in the city vs. others. 

Total crime in Westerville, OH is very low; total crime is 26% lower, violent crime is 76% lower, and property crime is 16% lower than national averages. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy a home or real estate in Westerville. 

Final Thoughts: Find What You're Looking for in Westerville, OH

We have covered a lot, from local history to the best place to grab a bottle of olive oil to local events and why Westerville is a great place to live. We hope through our information, the message is clear: Westerville is a hidden gem in the heart of Central Ohio. With something for everyone, it's the perfect place to visit for a day, weekend, or even a lifetime.

If you're thinking about making a move to Westerville or just want to learn more about this hidden gem in Central Ohio, contact us to learn more! We are happy to guide you in your pursuit of owning a home in this wonderful city. 


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